Organized for the last two years, the PREMO Exhibition, which has now been renamed as PREMO & WELLHOME will be organized at Istanbul Expo in two separate sections between 11-14 January 2024.

The main goal of the exhibition which is set to lead the ever-changing home-living styles and increasing product diversity at the global scale, is to help players of the sector make new business connections at the national and international levels and connect with new potential buyers while at the same time offering a prestigious B2B platform.

You as well can join this global meeting and connect with hundreds of businesses, thousands of products and services, international buyers, members of press and tens of thousands of relevant visitors and untapped markets.

IT’s now called ” PREMO-WELLHOME”


  • Tiny house, Dome House
  • Detached Building Options
  • Prefabricated Buildings and Ecological Buildings
  • Steel Houses and Equipment
  • Garden Furniture and Comfort Products
  • Fireplaces and Barbecues
  • Landscape and Products


  • Accessories-Objects,
  • Artworks, Paintings
  • Home Textile, Home Wear
  • Home Cosmetics
  • Souvenir
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Kitchen – Table Serving Equipment
  • Gourmet Products and Equipment


  • Sector Buyers, Sellers
  • Stores, Chain Stores
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Construction Markets,
  • Project Companies
  • Contractor, Architect, Interior Designer,
  • Landscape Offices, Architects,
  • Wholesale and Retail Organizations
  • Dealers and Distributors
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Catering Companies
  • Public institutions
  • Press and Associations

“Strong North Winds” at the Exhibition

As PREMO-WELLHOME, while improving the exhibition physically, we also aim to add elements of conceptual trends that lead the products in the sector, architecture and decoration trends.

In the living spaces peace, comfort, happiness, romance and north winds such as HYGGE, FIKA, FRILUFTSLIV will be felt strongly.

And the pieces that inspire these trends will be among the products to be showcased at the exhibition.

Simultaneous Expo


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