While the route is being turned to Turkey in exhibitions, PREMO -ATRAX is preparing for an ambitious exhibition

Turkey’s prominence in the search for alternative new supply chains has also accelerated the exhibition organization sector. Exhibitions for export-oriented sectors in Istanbul receive more visitors than ever before.

Özellikle Especially, the number of foreign visitors to Istanbul exhibitions increased at a record level. It is seen that visitors from South America, Asia Pacific and African countries as well as Europe and nearby countries are now starting to prefer Turkey.

There is intense trade growth in all manufacturing sectors.
The attention of all manufacturing sectors is focused on Turkey. This situation was especially reflected in the preferences of the exhibition. Eyes turned to Istanbul. The interests of the sector representatives, global exhibition participants and visitors started to turn to the exhibitions in Turkey.

PREMO -ATRAX Exhibition focused on big targets

PREMO- Prefabrik, Modular, Tiny House, Detached House and Equipment Exhibition, which provided record levels of national and international business connections in its first year, is preparing for its second year by being renewed.

On 12-14 January 2023, PREMO Exhibition is an open organization for everyone who is interested in new generation ready, comfortable and ecological living spaces; It will meet the needs of a wide range of users, nationally and internationally, such as architects, investors, housing professionals, municipalities, social housing and public authorities.

In its second year, PREMO, together with the ATRAX Exhibition in Istanbul Expo Center, is a pioneering exhibition organization held in this context, with tiny house, prefabricated buildings, tree houses, villa construction, eco houses, etc. It will guide the construction of detached living spaces and the equipment that adds comfort to these spaces.


Despite the fact that PREMO-ATRAX was held at a time when pandemic conditions continued last year, it hosted around 19 thousand visitors from 43 countries and achieved a success beyond expectations. While targeting an increase of 40-50% in both the number of exhibitors and visitors in 2023, an increase in country diversity is expected. Exhibitions held in Istanbul receive visitors from around 150 countries.

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